At Tinker, we set out each day to imagine a better future and foster innovative ways of working with our clients.

Each project is made up of unique considerations and distinct challenges.  All too often in material procurement, we’ve seen a one-size-fits-all approach applied to a diverse range of projects.

We know that better is possible, and instead offer open communication, detailed options, and sensible pricing to our clients. By eliminating layers of complicated markup, we effectively eliminate risk, save our clients valuable time, and deliver customized lighting solutions that make sense.

Your Team

The Tinker team was founded by experienced industry leaders intent on shifting the procurement experience for good. Our clients trust us to address the diverse and distinct challenges of their project with clarity and with kindness.

Transparency and mutuality are core tenets of our business. As our team lead, Jeff will be your first point of contact and project partner. Working with the Tinker team, and directly with manufacturers, Jeff will ensure no detail is missed.

Proven Process

Our lighting procurement process is tailored to every project’s needs, resulting in a more efficient process, a more reliable partnership, and a more satisfied client.


We sit down and listen in order to truly grasp your design intent, budget, timeline, scale and vision for the project.


Once fixtures are selected, we leverage our relationships to secure the best possible pricing. We eliminate layers of risk and cost markup from third-party purchasers, resulting in significant savings.


We work with representatives from many manufacturers to suggest lighting solutions that provide the most value. Datasheets, pricing, and lead times are all communicated promptly and openly.


By removing up to three additional purchasers in the traditional supply chain, we are able to ensure that lighting is shipped on schedule directly from the manufacturer to the job site. This mitigates risk and saves significant time.

Offerings and Services


– Commercial Lighting
– Industrial Lighting
– Decorative lighting
– Specialty lighting


– Lighting Layout
– Logistics

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We devise procurement solutions for a range of projects, large and small.

We have replaced the traditional, inefficient approach to procurement with a new partnership model built on speed, collaboration, and accountability.

Contact our team to learn more about our tailored solutions that address the individual needs of your project.

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